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Governance & Goals

Mendocino Community Health Clinic, Inc., (MCHC) is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit healthcare corporation. 

We operate three federally qualified health clinics (FQHCs) that have been providing comprehensive health services in rural northern California since 1992.

Our Strategic Goals 

Quality: Demonstrate quality outcomes that meet the needs of our increasing patient populations, so people know they can depend on MCHC for quality care.

Patient Experience: Earn our patients’ trust and encourage their engagement in their own care by optimizing their experience at MCHC.

Employee Experience: Make MCHC a place where people love to work and feel proud of their organization.

Fiscal & Growth: Be financially sustainable by making sure scarce resources are used productively, redesigning systems to meet current and future patient needs, and increasing market share.

Community: Create collaborative partnerships in Mendocino and Lake Counties to improve access to and quality of health care.

Our Board

In accordance with our nonprofit status, a volunteer Board of Directors governs MCHC. As of July 2012, we have eight active members. In compliance with the terms of our charter, more than 50 percent of board participants are patients at our health centers.

Our Board of Directors plays a strong role in ensuring that MCHC addresses community healthcare needs by implementing strategic plans and developing policies that support our mission.

Board Members

  • Photo of Jerry Chaney, RN

    Jerry Chaney, RN


    Committees: Retired Nurse

    Community: Ukiah

    Serving Since: 2012

    Jerry has worked as an employee for MCHC twice and now that he is really retired (or so we think), he has joined the MCHC board for a second time. As a retired registered nurse and health care administrator, Jerry understands the ins and outs of patient care. He’ll be heading up the MCHC Board Planning Committee and working closely with the Finance Committee to help our organization focus on strategic goals and employ a sustainable approach so MCHC can care for people for another 20 years.

  • Photo of Jim Marill

    Jim Marill


    Committees: Willits Food Bank Director

    Community: Willits

    Serving Since: 2010

  • Photo of John Pavoni

    John Pavoni


    Committees: Retired Nurse

    Community: Lake County

    Serving Since: 2000

  • Photo of Carlos Frausto

    Carlos Frausto


    Committees: Community Representative

    Community: Ukiah

    Serving Since: 2000

  • Photo of Bill Mergener, MPH

    Bill Mergener, MPH


    Committees: Health Policy Analyst

    Community: Redwood Valley

    Serving Since: 2003

  • Photo of Wayne Menger

    Wayne Menger


    Committees: Community Representative

    Community: Ukiah

    Serving Since: 2013

    Wayne moved to Ukiah to retire after twelve years as an elementary school teacher in Florida and fifteen years with AT&T in California. Since retiring almost three years ago, Menger has sought opportunities to invest his time and energy in the Ukiah community.

    “MCHC is a great match for me. I really like the people, and I truly believe that everyone should have access to health care. At MCHC, everyone is welcome,” he said. MCHC is a non-profit health organization that provides primary medical care (including Care for Her), some specialty medical care, dental care, and behavioral health care at three health centers in Ukiah, Willits, and Lakeport. Because of its designation as a federally qualified health clinic, MCHC brings millions of federal dollars to Lake and Mendocino Counties to care for the most vulnerable people in our communities.

    Wayne was especially impressed with the level of engagement of the current board members. “I’ve volunteered on other non-profit boards, and the thing I liked about the MCHC board meeting is that the people are obviously there to participate, not to pad their resumes. The board members really care,” he said.

  • Photo of Tom Jordan

    Tom Jordan


    Committees: Executive Director, First 5 Lake County

    Community: Lakeport

    Serving Since: 2014

  • Photo of Diane Clatty

    Diane Clatty


    Community: Redwood Valley

    Serving Since: 2015

    Diane currently works for Solid Waste in Willits and believes it is important to give back to her community. In fact, she recently participated in Mendocino College’s Bond Committee, and when that responsibility ended because the college completed the renovations funded by the bond, she began wondering what her next community project might be.

    This is when she received a call from Jane Berry, another MCHC board member. Jane invited Diane to attend a board meeting to see if joining our board might be a good fit for her, and it clearly was.

    “I really appreciate everyone providing me an avenue to be part of the clinic again. It’s such an important part of the community, and I’m honored to be asked to join the Board,” Diane said.

    Diane worked as an auditor specializing in community health clinics before becoming the MCHC CFO years ago. Before that, she even contemplated getting into the medical field for a short time when she worked as an emergency medical technician to put herself through school.

  • Photo of Mayra Ochoa

    Mayra Ochoa


    Community: Ukiah

    Serving Since: 2016

    “Mayra is a great addition to our Board of Directors because she really cares about our community. She also works in a field related to health care and comes from a background similar to many of our patients and employees, so her input will be extremely valuable” said Chief Operating Officer Jill Damian.

    Ochoa is bicultural and bilingual in English and Spanish, having spent the first part of her life in Mexico before arriving in Anderson Valley at age 14. She began high school without speaking any English, and has since graduated from college and earned her master’s degree in public health administration.

    Ochoa currently works as a children’s service coordinator for the Redwood Coast Regional Center, one of 21 such centers in California supported by state and federal funding to assist people with developmental disabilities and their families. Ochoa helps local Spanish and English-speaking families work with local schools and other community organizations to connect disabled children with the programs and resources available to help them. Just like when she was growing up, Ochoa sees many families in which children are bilingual, but parents only speak Spanish, often putting everyone in awkward situations. She enjoys being able to assist parents with disabled children and she really enjoys interacting directly with the children.

    Ochoa sees many parallels between the challenges faced by families she serves and those we serve (sometimes the same families). She appreciates the dedication of our Board members and employees as we help Spanish-speaking families navigate the complicated world of health care. Here at MCHC, our Spanish-speaking employees provide health care in a culturally competent way, and help patients apply for health insurance if they do not already have it.

    Ochoa says, “I’m excited about the opportunity to be part of a board that is so committed to this vulnerable population.”


  • Photo of Jacque Williams

    Jacque Williams


    Committees: Ford Street Project Executive Director

    Community: Mendocino County

    Serving Since: 2017

    Jacque returned to Board service in 2017, having previously served from 2012 to 2015.  Jacque is the Executive Director of Ukiah Recovery Center, and the Ford Street Project. Jacque said that she joined the board because, “There are a lot of organizations that care for the same population as that served by Ukiah Recovery Services, but very few are as responsive and proactive MCHC. The healthcare offered to our clients is supportive, sensitive and professional. Our partnership has expanded the possibility for wellness.” 

  • Photo of Karen Oslund

    Karen Oslund


    Committees: Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County Executive Director

    Community: Mendocino County

    Serving Since: 2017

  • Photo of Corrigan Gommenginger

    Corrigan Gommenginger


    Committees: Hospice Services of Lake County Chief Executive Officer

    Community: Lake County

    Serving Since: 2018

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