MCHC Health Centers


Our Mission

The mission of MCHC Health Centers is to provide the highest quality healthcare for everyone in our communities. 

Our Vision 

We ensure that there are no closed doors for those seeking primary health care at MCHC in Lake and Mendocino Counties. Excellence, Access, Community and Compassion are the values of our organization. 


Our Goals 

Our patients are as healthy as possible:

  • They have access to services regardless of their ability to pay.
  • They are well-informed.
  • They have a significant voice in their healthcare choices.
  • They recognize their ability to impact their own health.

The community looks to MCHC for health care leadership: 

  • MCHC is recognized and supported as a valuable community resource.
  • MCHC collaborates with other health practitioners to improve the health of our community.
  • MCHC is consulted regarding health policy issues on a local, state and national level.
  • MCHC's Board of Directors are actively involved in their communities.

Our Core Operating Principles 

  • We believe that health care is a right and a responsibility.
  • We deliver primary health care in a supportive, safe and nonjudgmental manner, stressing patient involvement.
  • We ensure that limited funds are used effectively.
  • We believe it is the responsibility of management to create a productive and positive working environment for all staff by modeling effective collaboration and communication at all levels.
  • We accept responsibility for ourselves.
  • We believe that trust is earned.
  • We emphasize professional training and development of all staff.
  • We believe that happy people treat each other well and that fun leads to creativity.
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