Executive Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership Team works with the board to determine our strategic direction, and then creates the operational plan to reach our strategic goals. Our leaders have the expertise and mindset to make sure our patients receive the best quality care and our employees work in an environment that supports them.

  • Photo of Scott McFarland

    Scott McFarland

    Chief Executive Officer

    Bio coming soon.

  • Photo of Jill Damian

    Jill Damian

    Chief Operations Officer

    Before being appointed chief operations officer in August 2015, Ms. Damian had served as the department manager for Care for Her since 2006. As department manager, Ms. Damian worked closely with the clinical director to help make Care for Her the largest perinatal services program in Mendocino County. Since her appointment as COO, Ms. Damian has been helping our organization adopt the approach that worked so well for Care for Her—clear direction, measurable goals, and a strong, consistent marketing effort.

    Prior to joining MCHC Health Centers, Ms. Damian spent four years as the executive director for the Potter Valley Community Health Center (a local FQHC look-alike clinic). Ms. Damian holds a Master’s degree in Pacific International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego; as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science – International Relations and Spanish, from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Additionally, she is a recent graduate of the California Primary Care Association’s Health Management+ Program (2014) and participates in several local boards and community coalitions.

  • Photo of Jeff Wiedenfeld

    Jeff Wiedenfeld

    Chief Strategic Officer

    As in many areas of society, technology has become an integral part of providing high quality healthcare. Mandatory reporting to state and federal agencies has become a digital enterprise, and financial and medical records are being stored and communicated electronically. Under Mr. Wiedenfeld’s leadership, we maintain privacy and security while benefiting from the efficiencies that come with a robust computer system. Mr. Wiedenfeld collaborates with clinical leaders and administrative departments to make sure our computer technology is tailored to meet their needs.

    “The keystone of our competitive edge is the expertise of our Information Systems Department (IS),” Mr. Wiedenfeld explained.

  • Photo of Jerry Douglas, MD

    Jerry Douglas, MD

    Chief Medical Officer

    As the chief medical officer, Dr. Douglas oversees clinical services for our medical department while helping our organization achieve its strategic and operational goals. Dr. Douglas is a board-certified family medicine physician who encourages a team-based approach and enjoys working with the Information Systems Department to help the organization stay ahead of the technology curve.

    He recognizes that healthcare can be a high-stress environment and he pays particular attention to helping providers and employees remain focused on the reasons they chose to work in healthcare in the first place. He often reminds people that “if they aren't having any fun, they're not doing it right.”

  • Photo of Anna Shaw, MSc

    Anna Shaw, MSc

    Chief Compliance Officer

    Ms. Shaw has spent most of her professional life working for organizations whose missions have been to help the most vulnerable people in society. Originally from London, England, Ms. Shaw worked as the head of strategy for one of the boroughs of the National Health Service, implementing quality initiatives and administering contracts. “I did a little bit of everything,” she said. “I like variety! It’s mentally stimulating.”

    Ms. Shaw emigrated to the United States to be with husband. They spent a short time on the East Coast before settling in Fort Bragg, her husband’s hometown. There, Ms. Shaw served as the executive director of the Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center, a non-profit organization that provides homeless shelter, case management services, vocational services, mental health services, and more.

  • Photo of Rod Grainger

    Rod Grainger

    Chief Financial Officer

    Bio coming soon

  • Photo of Amy McAteer

    Amy McAteer

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Bio coming soon

  • Photo of Kelly Kesey

    Kelly Kesey

    Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Leadership Team

  • Photo of Justin Ebert, PA-C

    Justin Ebert, PA-C

    Medical Director

    As medical director, Mr. Ebert mentors other clinicians and works with the Electronic Medical Records team to explain clinical workflows so our computers can be tailored to meet the needs of our providers and patients. He also helps improve organizational communication as we deepen our commitment to the Patient-Centered Medical Home model.

    Mr. Ebert has a reputation for putting patients first and consistently seeking ways to improve the way we do things. When he’s not caring for patients, he volunteers for the Redwood Valley Fire Department and coaches youth baseball.

  • Photo of Christina Lasich, MD

    Christina Lasich, MD

    Director of Specialty Services

  • Photo of Ben Anderson, LCSW

    Ben Anderson, LCSW

    Behavioral Health Director

    As the behavioral health director, Mr. Anderson oversees our counseling and psychotherapy services. He brings a wealth of experience as a clinician and a leader. As a social worker, he has helped children, adults and older adults. As a leader, his priorities are twofold: first, to reinforce our integrated model of care and second, to ensure that the employees who report to him are prepared to meet the challenges ahead while embracing our organization's mission of care.

    Mr. Anderson came to Mendocino County from Fresno in 2003 to serve as the social worker for a children’s group home managed by Turning Point of Central California. In 2004, he began working for Tapestry Family Services, taking on positions of increasing responsibility until, in 2011, he became the organization’s executive director. In 2014, he left Tapestry to become a full-time social worker for MCHC Health Centers, where he provided therapy, and supervised clinical services at our Lakeview Health Center in Lakeport. In 2017, he became the department director.

  • Photo of Navneet Mansukhani, DDS

    Navneet Mansukhani, DDS

    Dental Director

    Dr. Mansukhani provides leadership for our oral care initiatives and oversees our dental providers. Under his leadership, the dental department collaborates with other clinical departments to support our patients’ access to comprehensive care.

  • Photo of Jasmin Pintane, RN, BSN

    Jasmin Pintane, RN, BSN

    Director of Nursing

  • Photo of Essie Fausto

    Essie Fausto

    Director of Operations

  • Photo of Tiffany Williams

    Tiffany Williams

    Director of Ancillary Operations

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors helps ensure that our health centers addresses community healthcare needs by providing strategic direction and developing policies that support our mission. Because we are an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit healthcare corporation, we have a volunteer board of directors with more than 50 percent of board members who are patients at our health centers.

  • Photo of Jerry Chaney, RN

    Jerry Chaney, RN


    Community: Ukiah

    Serving Since: 2012

  • Photo of Karen Oslund

    Karen Oslund


    Community: Mendocino County

    Serving Since: 2017

  • Photo of John Pavoni

    John Pavoni


    Community: Lake County

    Serving Since: 2000

  • Photo of Carlos Frausto

    Carlos Frausto


    Community: Ukiah

    Serving Since: 2000

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    Minerva Flores


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    Charles Myers


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    Jackeline Orozco


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    Jeff Adair


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    Carre Brown


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    Stephen Miller


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