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Administrative Team

Administrative Team

  • Photo of Carole Press

    Carole Press

    Chief Executive Officer

    Ms. Press served as the Vice President for Operations until July, 2015, when she became the CEO.

    As the VP of Operations, she directed, administered and coordinated corporate activities in accordance with policies, goals and objectives established by the CEO and Board of Directors. She worked with the Administrative Team to develop and implement long- and short-range strategic plans. General Operations integrates management of all three MCHC health centers. Operations is also responsible for developing and implementing management training programs and supporting MCHC's compliance with current employment law and reports to the federal and state governments regarding staffing.

  • Photo of Jill Damian

    Jill Damian

    Chief Operating Officer

    Appointed MCHC’s Chief Operating Officer in August 2015, Jill Damian has been with MCHC Health Centers since 2006, serving as department manager for Care for Her. In this role, Ms. Damian worked closely with the clinical director to help make Care for Her the largest perinatal services program in Mendocino County. Since her appointment as COO, she has been helping MCHC Health Centers with the approach that worked so well for Care for Her—clear direction, measurable goals, and a strong, consistent marketing effort. Prior to joining MCHC Health Centers, Ms. Damian spent four years as the executive director for the Potter Valley Community Health Center (a local FQHC look-a-like clinic). Ms. Damian holds a Master’s degree in Pacific International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego; as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science – International Relations and Spanish, from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Additionally, she is a recent graduate of the California Primary Care Association’s Health Management+ Program (2014) and participates in several local boards and community coalitions. 

  • Photo of Tim Dolan

    Tim Dolan

    Chief Financial Officer

    In the current financial environment, it is important to support the community we serve by developing sound fiscal policies and decision-making. Our years of service to underserved members of Mendocino and Lake Counties have provided the foundation for building a strong and permanent medical support system for those in need of our skills.As a service department in our company, the finance department records events and puts them into a context that sheds light on where our operations are successful and where we need to find new ways in which to operate more effectively and efficiently. As Chief Financial Officer, I am committed to finding ways to strengthen our company’s financial management, to providing more useable information for the administrative team and to ensure that MCHC, Inc. continues to be a leader in the delivery of medical, dental and other services to our community.

  • Photo of Jeff Wiedenfeld

    Jeff Wiedenfeld

    Chief Information Officer

    As with society as a whole, the practice of medicine is gaining a strongly technological component. At the same time, mandatory reporting to state and federal agencies has become a digital enterprise, and financial and medical records are being stored and communicated electronically. The keystone of MCHC's competitive edge is the expertise of our Information Systems Department (IS).

  • Photo of Catherine Rada

    Catherine Rada

    Grants Administrator

    In her role as Grants Administrator, Ms. Rada identifies potential services expansion projects to serve unmet needs, assessing and developing expansion projects and securing funding for program sustainability, along with administration and data tracking for follow-up reporting to funding agencies.

  • Photo of Karen Crabtree, MD

    Karen Crabtree, MD

    Care for Her Medical Director

    As the Medical Director of Care for Her, Dr. Karen Crabtree oversees clinical services for MCHC's women's health department. She works with a talented team of board-certified OB/GYN physicians, certified nurse midwives, women's health nurse practitioners, counselors, nurses, and health educators who work together to help women stay healthy through every age and phase of life.

  • Photo of Jerry Douglas, MD

    Jerry Douglas, MD

    Chief Medical Officer

    As the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jerry Douglas oversees clinical services for MCHC's medical department while assisting the organization in achieving its strategic and operational goals. Dr. Douglas is a board-certified family medicine physician who encourages a team-based approach and enjoys working with the Information Systems Department to help the organization stay ahead of the technology curve. He recognizes that health care can be a high-stress environment and he pays particular attention to helping providers and employees remain focused on the reasons they chose to work in health care in the first place. He often reminds people that if they aren't having any fun, they're not doing it right.

  • Photo of Justin Ebert, PA-C

    Justin Ebert, PA-C

    Medical Director

    The Medical Director serves a liaison to improve organizational communication as MCHC implements the Patient-Centered Health Home (PCHH) model. He also mentors other clinicians and works with the Electronic Medical Records team to explain clinical workflows, so our computer technology can provide the most benefit for patients.

  • Photo of Doug Lewis, DDS

    Doug Lewis, DDS

    Dental Director

    The Dental Director provides leadership in clinical oral care initiatives and provides oversight of dental providers. The Dental Department works closely with the medical, case management, women’s health and behavioral health departments, supporting MCHC patients’ access to comprehensive care.

    Special programs include HIV dental care, oral health care for pregnant women, care for the developmentally disabled and a commitment to community outreach that allows MCHC to implement short-term, community-based service projects, taking oral health education and services into schools and to other populations with unmet need.

  • Photo of Sam Fernandez, LCSW

    Sam Fernandez, LCSW

    Behavioral Health Director

    Mr. Fernandez oversees Behavioral Health staff and management of MCHC integrated behavioral health and psychotherapy programs. The department contracts with numerous licensed clinical social workers, Ph.D.-level clinical psychologists and licensed psychiatrists within Lake and Mendocino County.

    Behavioral Health seeks to meet the complex needs of patients beset by multiple disorders by offering counseling, addiction treatment, short-term therapy and, under the consultation of our staff psychiatrist, medications management and support for the chronically mentally ill.

  • Photo of Jaisingh Niemer, MD, MPH

    Jaisingh Niemer, MD, MPH

    Director of Quality Improvement

    Dr. Niemer graduated from the Medical School of the University of Nijmegen, Netherlands, in 1986 and achieved a Master's in Public Health in 1997 from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts.  After practicing medicine in the Netherlands, Dr. Niemer spent a decade working in several different countries on public health initiatives and research.  Returning to the US in 2009, Dr. Niemer joined MCHC as our Director of QI and partners with our clinical leaders on the implementation and evaluation of clinical processes reflecting patient centered health home standards. Additionally, Dr. Niemer represents MCHC in Partnership Health Plan's Quality Committee, which includes current initiatives on safe opioid prescriptions.

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