Board Member Profile: Jacque Williams


January 2013

Jacque Williams has been on the Mendocino Community Health Clinic board for only a few months, but she's already making a wonderful difference. As the Executive Director of the Ford Street Project and one of MCHC's Chronic User System Of Care (CUSOC) partners, Williams joined the board because she values the contribution MCHC makes.

She explained, “There are a lot of organizations that care for the same population as Ford Street, but very few are as responsive and proactive as the clinic.”  As Ford Street clients finish their detoxification, they often have secondary medical and behavioral health issues that need attention. MCHC and Ford Street work together to care for these patients.

While Jacque doesn’t have much time in her schedule to volunteer, she said when MCHC CEO Lin Hunter asked her to join our board, she didn’t dare refuse. “I love Lin and I appreciate the work MCHC does.”

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