Care for Her Welcomes New OB/GYN: Dr. Anne Stohrer

September 2017

MCHC Health Centers’ Care for Her program is pleased to announce its newest team member: Dr. Anne Stohrer.

Care for Her Medical Director Dr. Karen Crabtree said, “Dr. Stohrer is a welcome addition to our team at Care For Her. Her experience supporting the midwifery model of care makes her a great fit for our program. We are delighted she is here."

Dr. Stohrer is an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist who has practiced medicine in a wide variety of settings, from big, metropolitan areas to small, rural ones. She says she most enjoyed spending many years as a small-town doctor in a single community, providing consistent, compassionate care to her patients.

“I loved the sense of belonging that came with dedicating myself to my community. When I went to the grocery store, my family had a running bet about how quickly I’d be asked for medical advice—it usually wasn’t long. And I remember attending one of my son’s Little League games and realizing that I’d delivered all those boys on the field. That was a pretty special feeling,” she said.

After her four children were grown, she decided to move to be closer to family in Sacramento.

Dr. Stohrer was looking for a medical practice that embraced an integrated midwifery model—one where she could provide what she calls “woman-centered care.” When she began exploring the job opportunity at MCHC Health Centers, she said was attracted by MCHC’s team-based approach and the fact that Care for Her has a remarkably low cesarean section rate, an indicator of high-quality care.

Although Dr. Stohrer was unfamiliar with Mendocino County, she attended the Harvard School of Public Health to attain her master’s degree with MCHC’s Quality Improvement Director Dr. Jaisingh Niemer and had spent time with Dr. Crabtree. Knowing “two people of such quality, integrity and honesty” increased Dr. Stohrer’s interest in working Care for Her, and after she visited with the Care for Her staff, she was sure this was the place for her.

“My philosophy of care is to combine education and respect with love and compassion,” she said. “I absolutely love what I do, and it’s clear that the people at Care for Her do, too.”

As an obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Stohrer spends time in the operating room (O.R.) as well as the delivery room. She says her approach to surgery is a little unusual.

“I believe in a collaborative approach to surgery, using the brain power of everyone in the room. I’m very comfortable being in charge, but I request feedback. I want to hear from the anesthesiologist, the first assistant, the scrub nurse and the circulator. Everyone has a different perspective and they’re all valuable,” she explained. “Sometimes people in the O.R. prefer a strict hierarchy. I don’t.”

She continued, “And when a birth is happening, it’s a sacred moment. We create a quiet, sacred space. Depending on the mother’s wishes, I place the baby on mom’s chest at the first possible moment for skin-to-skin contact and so the baby can breastfeed.”

Dr. Stohrer has been practicing medicine since the mid-1980s, after earning her MD from the Medical College of Virginia and completing her internship and residency at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

When she is not caring for patients, Dr. Stohrer enjoys singing as part of the Sweet Adelines (women’s acapella four-part barbershop harmony), hiking, reading, spending time with friends.

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