Justin Ebert Named Associate Medical Director


July 2012

Ukiah, CA – Recently, Mendocino Community Health Clinic named Justin Ebert as its new Associate Medical Director. Ebert is the first mid-level provider to join the clinical leadership team with authority to help shape MCHC’s future.

A physician assistant is a mid-level provider with an expertise level between a nurse and a doctor, and MCHC—like many healthcare organizations—depends on mid-levels to increase its capacity to treat patients. In his role as Associate Medical Director, Ebert will serve a liaison to improve organizational communication as MCHC implements the Patient-Centered Health Home (PCHH) model. He will also mentor other clinicians and work with the Electronic Medical Records team to implement future upgrades.

According to MCHC Medical Director Dr. Stephen Vance, “Justin [Ebert] is already involved in a variety of administrative and mentoring roles, and has always been an exemplary team player. He will be working with me and the administrative team in supporting primary care and the Patient-Centered Health Home.”

In his work with the Electronic Medical Records team, Ebert will communicate with developers and software trainers to explain clinical workflows, so the computer technology can provide the most benefit to nurses and doctors. “I hope to be a voice for nurses and practitioners to determine how we operate and the direction we should go,” he said. “My plan is to listen, and if trends emerge then to pay attention.”

According to his peers, Ebert has a long history at MCHC of providing thoughtful, well-considered opinions and of backing up his suggestions with the work required to see them through. As a respected provider, he will serve as a mentor for other mid-levels and clinical staff.  “He is a natural mentor: he leads by example and is willing to take time to listen and teach,” said Chief Operating Officer Carole Press.

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