Lakeview Health Center Welcomes Charissa Barsos, Family Nurse Practitioner

July 2019

MCHC Health Centers welcomes Charissa Barsos, a family nurse practitioner who loves to listen. “When people tell me something’s wrong, they’re usually right. People may not know medicine, but they know their bodies and what they have to say is valid,” she explained.

As a child, Barsos experienced health problems and says she did not always feel her input was valued by medical personnel, so she decided to become a healthcare professional who paid attention and really listened to patients, be they young or old. “I became a nurse to help others. This is where I’m meant to be,” she said.

She grew up in Illinois and earned her nursing degree from Millikin University in Decatur. She then worked as a Cardiac Vascular Medical Surgical nurse at the Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana for six years before earning her advanced degree and becoming a family nurse practitioner (FNP). As an FNP, she cared for patients of all ages at Carle Clinic in Champaign for several years. She especially enjoyed working with geriatric patients because she finds their wisdom and life experience interesting and she enjoys solving complex medical problems, which are more common as we age. The other age group she particularly enjoyed were young adults because they offer a fresh perspective.

After a few years at the clinic, it was time to make a change, “so when Kelly Kesey [MCHC recruiter] reached out and told me about the opportunity in California, I thought, ‘Why not?’” she said. She and her husband grew up in a rural area, so although they had never been to California, the rural nature of Lake County ended up being a great fit.

Barsos is now seeing patients at Lakeview Health Center in Lakeport. She enjoys interacting with patients, providing primary care, and working with the other healthcare teams at MCHC to provide whole-person care, including behavioral health, dentistry, and specialty care such as obstetrics/gynecology. In Illinois, Barsos was active in her community, and she hopes to connect with community-minded individuals here, too. Her 12-year-old son is a Boy Scout from a long line of Eagle Scouts and Barsos has been a Scout leader for years. She is also interested in assisting with emergency responders in the event of a crisis, having been a member of the Medical Reserve Corps in Illinois.

For those interested in establishing care with Barsos, they can contact Lakeview Health Center online at or by calling 707-263-7725.

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