MCHC Health Centers Employees Help Raise More Than $18,000 To Help Breast Cancer Patients


July 2016

On July 23-24, a team supported by MCHC Health Centers traveled to San Francisco for the AVON 39: Walk to End Breast Cancer, a two-day fundraiser where participants walk 39.3 miles. The local six-member team, called the Mendo Mashers, raised more than $18,000 to increase access to care for local breast cancer patients.

Team member Carolyn Wyatt, a women’s health nurse practitioner at MCHC’s Care for Her program, said the event was “physically difficult, but emotionally inspiring.” She described the many reasons people participated: to honor loved ones struggling to survive cancer, to remember those who lost the fight against cancer, and in her case, to continually work toward more and better treatment for her patients. She said she walked behind a man who wore a sign explaining he was walking for his wife who died of cancer. It said, “I think of you every single day.” Wyatt said the blisters and sore muscles she and her team members experienced during the event are nothing compared the to pain cancer patients and their family members go through.  

The Mendo Mashers not only celebrated their own accomplishments, they also cheered on the Cancer Resource Center of Mendocino County as its executive director, Sara O’Donnell, accepted a $75,000 grant from the AVON Foundation. The grant will benefit local breast cancer patients, providing expanded access to mammograms for women in our county, as well as patient navigation, education and other support services for local cancer patients and their loved ones.

MCHC Health Centers provided the Mendo Mashers with t-shirts and jackets for the event with a specially-designed logo. In addition to Wyatt, team members included fellow MCHC  employee Essie Fausto, and their friends: Shannon Welch-Johnson, Elizabeth Birchmier, Patti Boatwright, and Angela Miller. They joined more than 1800 women and men at the event, where a sum total of $4.4 million was raised to improve access to care.

MCHC Health Centers and the Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County work collaboratively to help cancer patients and their families receive treatment that best fits their physical and emotional needs. Both organizations accept patients and clients, regardless of their ability to pay. The Cancer Resource Center does not charge clients for services, but rather depends on the generosity of financial supporters through grant funding and donations. MCHC Health Centers accepts all types of health insurance and has financial counselors who work with patients to help them acquire health insurance or develop a payment plan according to the patients’ ability to pay.

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