Mendocino Community Health Clinic Gives New Meaning to the Term “Healthy Competition”


December 2012

During the holidays, Mendocino Community Health Clinic’s Hillside Health Center employees compete with each other to see who can donate the most food to the Ukiah Food Bank. To date this holiday season, according to Food Bank Director Chris Shelby, Hillside employees have donated more than all the other local organizations combined.

Shelby said, “Clinic donations have gone up considerably, which is especially helpful since overall donations to the food bank are down compared to last year.”

Hillside labeled their food drive the “Canned Cuisine Collection Competition.” They organized themselves into nine teams and competed with each other for points – one regular sized can earned one point. HealthCorps Navigators and food drive organizers Jessica Ohland and Lucy Shapiro estimate that 1600 items have been donated to date, with more coming in all the time.

Hillside employees came up with creative team names like the Dazzling Divas (Reception and Patient Financial Services), Rosie the Riveters (Care for Her), and the Can Dos (Administration).

CEO Linnea Hunter said, “The real winners here are the families that will be receiving all the food we have donated. As times get tougher for some, it is wonderful to see everyone here step up and contribute. Your generosity certainly gives meaning to the holiday spirit.”

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