New Lakeview Health Center Site Manager Announced


October 7, 2011

On Monday, September 26, Cyril Colonius began his tenure as Mendocino Community Health Clinic’s Lakeview Health Center Site Manager. Colonius has spent most of his career working in health and human services, and says he looks forward to helping MCHC provide Lake County communities with the health care they need.

Colonius’ professional experience has prepared him to help Lakeview Health Center take advantage of changes resulting from national health care reform. He was the Performance Improvement Director for the Alliance for Rural Community Health, a member of the California Primary Care Association’s Patient Centered Health Home Committee, and also served as Executive Director of the Mendocino County AIDS Volunteer Network.

Colonius says he enjoys learning and believes each new experience provides an opportunity to do so. “I always enjoy figuring out how to do things better. As I start at Lakeview, I’ll let everyone know that I’m there to help them do their best work. Once I learn what that is, we can work as a team to learn from each other and continually improve,” he said. He also looks forward to becoming involved in the Lakeport community. “As I get to know the community, I’ll have a better sense of how we can grow our services to meet local needs, “ he said.

MCHC CEO Lin Hunter said, “Cyril is a great fit. He has a health care background and a leadership style that makes people feel comfortable. He understands where we’re taking MCHC as an organization and has creative ideas on how to get us there faster. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

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