New Nursing Director Provides Mendocino Community Health Clinic With Passionate Leadership


November 1, 2011

In October, Mendocino Community Health Clinic (MCHC) named Neil Davis, RN, as Nursing Director to oversee Nursing, Infection Control and Case Management at its three health centers. Davis comes highly recommended with years of nursing leadership experience, as well as a passion for health promotion and disease prevention.

He’ll have his hands full at MCHC. As Nursing Director, he is responsible for making sure nurses comply with state and federal legal, accreditation and performance improvement standards. He collaborates with other clinical leaders to implement strategic and operational objectives. He develops effective and compliant training processes for all levels of nursing. And, he works with the Informatics team to develop and improve workflows using the electronic medical record.

“I’m super excited to be here,” Davis said. “When I heard about the job, I looked at MCHC’s website and read the mission and values statements. They completely resonated with me.” He explained that his first love of nursing involved health promotion and disease prevention, but that professional opportunities took him in a different direction. “I ended up working in acute care (hospitals) because that’s where the jobs were. I liked it, but it took me away from my original path.” Most recently, Davis supervised nursing in the Intensive Care Unit at Ukiah Valley Medical Center.

“Right now, MCHC is working on becoming a nationally-recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home, which is wonderful. It’s a model that totally makes sense, putting patients and their families in the center of everything we do and treating people, families and communities as a whole instead of approaching health in little pieces,” Davis explained. “I’m looking forward to helping nurses work to the top of their potential so patients receive the best possible care from us.”

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