Physician Assistant Larry Aguirre Moves to Little Lake Health Center Full Time

February 2016

MCHC Health Centers is pleased to announce that as of March 7, physician assistant Larry Aguirre will begin caring for patients in Willits full time at Little Lake Health Center (LLHC), filling the void left by Chad Eventide. Aguirre has been dividing his time between Willits (one day a week) and Ukiah (four days a week), caring for patients at two MCHC Health Centers locations. He welcomes the opportunity to work full time in Willits, where he lives.

As a family medicine provider, Aguirre cares for patients of all ages. In addition to his medical practice, Aguirre teaches Women’s Health at Mendocino College (where he also studies fencing) and serves as an Army Reserve Officer. He came to Mendocino County three years ago after his friend and colleague, physician assistant Paul Hupp, began working at MCHC Health Centers’ Ukiah site: Hillside Health Center.  

Aguirre completed his undergraduate education at Redlands University, where he fulfilled his pre-med requirements as well as delving into anthropology, history and sociology. He completed his physician assistant training at Western University of Health Sciences and worked as a PA in San Diego before coming up to Mendocino County. Recently, recognizing a community need for more psychiatric care, Aguirre enrolled in a fellowship in psychiatric medicine through U.C. Davis.

“Primary care training doesn’t include much behavioral health, so the fellowship will provide really useful information,” he said. He explained the close ties that often exist between people’s emotional and physical health, a model referred to as the bio-psycho-social model, and said he hopes to help patients better understand the connections between their emotional conditions and their physical illnesses.

Aguirre is married with two children, ages one and almost three. His wife works at Mendocino College in Ukiah and the Mendocino County Museum in Willits. When they aren’t working, they enjoy the outdoors, including hiking and camping.

“I’ll miss my patients in Ukiah, but I’m really looking forward to establishing my practice in Willits,” he said.

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